I have a model with a ManyToManyField. So, I have a endpoint to retrieve 
the list of this ManyToManyField. But I want filter the queryset with the 
GET parametters (CF: FilterClass). But What is the best practice to do that 

I have already a FilterClass for this model and it's 2 different models

Thank you,


def get_parts(self, request, set__idSet=None):
    my_set = self.get_object()
    queryset = my_set.mySetParts.all() # I want filter this queryset

    page = self.paginate_queryset(queryset)
    if page is not None:
        serializer = self.get_serializer(page, many=True)
        return self.get_paginated_response(serializer.data)
    serializer = self.get_serializer(queryset, many=True)
    return Response(serializer.data)

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