#27231: Initialize forms in ModelAdmin like View (i.e. add get_form_kwargs to
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Comment (by thauk-copperleaf):

 Hi Tim, sorry for not being specific enough.

 My form has an autocomplete menu (django-autocomplete-light), which
 visualizes a field in the model, but whose choices need to be configured
 based on some properties of the model being loaded (this is the
 some_parameter_for_one_thing part in my example).

 I also need to set the default for this menu, if a value is chosen
 already, when I show the detail page (that is the
 another_parameter_for_another_thing part). To get the form/widget to get
 the default correctly (via data/cleaned_data), I have to "inject" it into
 the constructor call for the form.

 Seeing as there's already an existing pattern in FormMixin with get_form
 and get_form_kwargs, I'm thinking the implementation would follow a
 similar pattern, to be consistent and as least surprising as possible, but
 I haven't started working on it yet. I was hoping to first find out if
 what I was proposing was a bad idea and/or could already be done.

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