#27238: Removal of check_pattern_startswith_slash
     Reporter:  strycore              |      Owner:  nobody
         Type:  Cleanup/optimization  |     Status:  new
    Component:  Core (System checks)  |    Version:  1.10
     Severity:  Normal                |   Keywords:
 Triage Stage:  Unreviewed            |  Has patch:  0
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 I would like to propose the removal of the check_pattern_startswith_slash
 system check as there are  legitimate reasons to have url patterns
 starting with a slash and this warning can be misleading.

 The Django framework has a strong bias in favor of trailing slashes in
 URLs but not everyone wishes to set up their urls that way. If this
 warning was to be respected, it's impossible to have urls without a
 trailing slash in some situations:

 # myapp. urls
 urlpatterns = [
     url(r'^dashboard', include('dashboard.urls')),

 # dashboard.urls
 urlpatterns = [
     url(r'^$', views.dashboard_home, name='dashboard_home'),
     url(r'^/users$', views.users, name='dashboard_users'),

 The above URLconfs allow to have the URLs /dashboard and /dashboard/users
 but it will produce the warning.

 When trying to make the slash optional in the root URLconf with
 {{{r'^dashboard/?'}}}, the 2nd url will reverse to /dashboardusers.

 I know that some system checks can be silenced but I'd be in favor of the
 complete removal of the check since it can be misleading for users who do
 not wish trailing slashes in their URLs.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/27238>
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