#27248: Running migrations one-by-one fails after adding django.contrib.sites to
     Reporter:  doctoryes      |      Owner:  nobody
         Type:  Bug            |     Status:  new
    Component:  contrib.sites  |    Version:  1.8
     Severity:  Normal         |   Keywords:  migrations django_site
 Triage Stage:  Unreviewed     |  Has patch:  0
Easy pickings:  0              |      UI/UX:  0
 An application we've written added django.contrib.sites to its
 INSTALLED_APPS. In the same release, other migrations were generated that
 needed to be applied. The dependency-ordered migrations list at this point
 pre-migration follows:
 - [taggit, 0002_auto_20150616_2121]
 - [course_metadata, 0017_auto_20160815_2135]
 - [course_metadata, 0018_auto_20160815_2252]
 - [sites, 0001_initial]
 - [django_comments, 0001_initial]
 - [django_comments, 0002_update_user_email_field_length]
 - [django_comments, 0003_add_submit_date_index]
 - [publisher_comments, 0001_initial]
 We then attempted to run these migrations one-by-one via {{{python
 ./manage.py <app> <migration>}}} commands. (Why? To better record which
 migrations succeeded, which one failed, and which migrations remain
 unapplied, since this migration process runs in an automated pipeline.)
 The first specific app/migration migrate failed with a stack nearly the
 same as the one here:


 The problem is that the sites code assumed that after being added to
 INSTALLED_APPS, a {{{python ./manage.py migrate}}} command would be run to
 execute all migrations together - and *then* catch a post-migrate signal
 which calls {{{create_default_site}}}. Running individual migrations does
 not work when an application is in this state.

 It looks like some code is in place to attempt to prevent this error, but
 it's either incorrect or not working:


 The workaround: Issue a {{{python ./manage.py migrate}}} command to exit
 this state. However, the workaround shouldn't be necessary.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/27248>
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