#27350: Attaching signals to abstract models don't work as it used to be
     Reporter:  Florent Messa        |                    Owner:  nobody
         Type:  Bug                  |                   Status:  new
    Component:  Database layer       |                  Version:  1.10
  (models, ORM)                      |
     Severity:  Normal               |               Resolution:
     Keywords:                       |             Triage Stage:
                                     |  Unreviewed
    Has patch:  0                    |      Needs documentation:  0
  Needs tests:  0                    |  Patch needs improvement:  0
Easy pickings:  0                    |                    UI/UX:  0

Comment (by Florent Messa):

 Replying to [comment:3 Tim Graham]:
 > Looking at your code, I don't think we broke any public APIs, so I'd say
 it's up to you to investigate and say why it's a bug and to propose a fix.
 Maybe Loic can advise without too much effort.

 The **contribute_to_class** is called twice in 1.9.x on the abstract level
 and child.

 That's not the case on 1.10.x your child model needs to declare explicitly
 the manager even if it's inherited.

 I can update my code on my side on every child to redeclare the manager,
 as you have said it's not a public API as it's not documented. I can
 investigate more on my side and provide a fix for that but will you
 consider it?

 Btw, thank you for you reactivity ;)

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