#27352: Warn about social media fingerprinting when using
               Reporter:  Markus     |          Owner:  Markus Holtermann
  Holtermann                         |
                   Type:             |         Status:  assigned
  Cleanup/optimization               |
              Component:             |        Version:  1.10
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 Public disclosure after talking with security team.

 Django 1.10 introduced `redirect_authenticated_user` to the login views. A
 report I came across the other day (https://robinlinus.github.io
 /socialmedia-leak/) points out how that redirects on GET for authenticated
 users can potentially be used to gain the login state of a user for a

 I believe we should warn users about that issue. Reverting
 10781b4c6ff981f581157957d221e7621e0bf4ed (#12233) doesn't seem necessary
 to me. It is a useful feature if you know you don't serve image files from
 those domains.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/27352>
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