#27355: Emphasizes the role of TrigramExtension and UnaccentExtension in the
     Reporter:  Maxime Lorant        |      Owner:  nobody
         Type:                       |     Status:  new
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    Component:  Documentation        |    Version:  1.10
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                                     |  trigram
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 `TrigramExtension` and `UnaccentExtension` have been introduced in
 `django.contrib.postgres` in Django 1.10 to help developpers to activate
 the pg_trim and unaccent extension of postgres when they are using the
 corresponding ORM lookup.

 Even though I feel pretty comfortable with the Django doc usually, this
 time, I did not find `UnaccentExtension` in few minutes. In local, I did
 the extension activation by myself (since I did not read the relevant part
 of the doc) but get stuck when trying to execute my unit tests. I think
 these migration operations are not stressed enough in the doc. I believe
 it is [referenced only
 each time in a sentence which barely says when to use it.

 I think there should be an introduction at the top of the page linked
 above saying something like: "The lookups above need the activation of
 extensions in Postgres. To enable them, you are advised to create a Django
 migration which will apply the relevant operation", where the "relevant
 operation" is referring to either TrigramExtension or UnaccentExtension,
 but I don't know how to transcribe it :/

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/27355>
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