#27560: Formset.save for model with foreign key to concrete base model
               Reporter:  Lorenzo    |          Owner:  nobody
  Peña                               |
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              Component:  Forms      |        Version:  1.9
               Severity:  Normal     |       Keywords:  formset
                                     |  inline_formset
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 class A(models.Model):

 class B(A):

 class C(models.Model):
   some_model = models.ForeignKey(SomeModel)
   a_link = models.ForeignKey(A)

 I'm using an inlineformset_factory where the parent model is SomeModel and
 the child model is C.
 When calling formset.save() I'm getting an error from
 django/forms/models.py (line 910)

 910:   pk_value = getattr(self.instance, self.fk.remote_field.field_name)
 911:   setattr(obj, self.fk.get_attname(), getattr(pk_value, 'pk',

 The getattr call fails

 if I wrap both lines in: if hasattr(self.instance,
 it works good.

 Not sure if the condition is the way to fix the bug or it's just
 preventing the original cause from happening.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/27560>
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