#28468: Template braces within {% with %} are not evaluated
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 I am not sure if this is a bug or limitation, I will add here anyways.

 Consider following code inside a django template:

 {% include 'partials/_message.html' with
             message_body="You need <strong>{{ perm_name }}</strong>
 permission to access the content." %}

 The issue is related to the output rendered in browser for *message_body*
 when {% include %} is executed.

 ==== Expected output:
 You need **read** permission to access the content.

 ==== Actual output:
 You need **{{ perm_name }}** permission to access the content.

 ==== Notes
 While the included template evaluates the passed in **<strong>** tag, it
 does not evaluate the variable **{{ perm_name }}** and outputs it

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