#29108: TypeError: can only concatenate tuple (not "list") to tuple raised by
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 Seen in django version 2.0.2
 A model query triggers line 1448 in the file
 django/db/models/sql/compiler.py to raise a TypeError:

 `params = params + self.query.sub_params`

 ''TypeError exception: can only concatenate tuple (not "list") to tuple''

 This line is in the `as_sql` method of the `SQLAggregateCompiler` class.

 How to reproduce:
 Issue a query on a model which is related to another model, and include
 distinct, order_by (on a string field in the related model), a slice and a
 call to count().


 The presence of `distinct()` above, you could argue, is not needed,
 however, the above represents a simplification of the more complex query
 with which I originally saw the problem, and there the `distinct()`
 followed a more complex cross-table filter.

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