#29180: Makemigrations autodetector ignoring existing migrations
               Reporter:  Collin Anderson  |          Owner:  nobody
                   Type:  Uncategorized    |         Status:  new
              Component:  Migrations       |        Version:  master
               Severity:  Release blocker  |       Keywords:
           Triage Stage:  Unreviewed       |      Has patch:  1
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 I don't have a minimal case to reproduce this issue, but I've bisected the
 issue to a38ae914 (#28996) and narrowed it down to this change:

 diff --git a/django/db/migrations/graph.py b/django/db/migrations/graph.py
 index aba8259..db8a529 100644
 --- a/django/db/migrations/graph.py
 +++ b/django/db/migrations/graph.py
 @@ -367,9 +367,7 @@ class MigrationGraph:
          plan = []
          for node in nodes:
              for migration in self.forwards_plan(node):
 -                if migration not in plan:
 -                    if not at_end and migration in nodes:
 -                        continue
 +                if migration in plan or at_end or migration not in nodes:
          project_state = ProjectState(real_apps=real_apps)
          for node in plan:

 I think believe the correct logic should be:

 if migration not in plan and (at_end or migration not in nodes):

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