#11688: verbose_name should allow dynamical translation based on a number
     Reporter:  Mitar                 |                    Owner:  nobody
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    Component:  Internationalization  |                  Version:  1.1
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Comment (by Luke Plant):

 For anyone still interested in this, Mozilla has created a localisation
 framework that is aimed at solving all these kinds of gender/case/etc.
 problems, as well as plurals. If/when this issue is fixed -
 https://github.com/projectfluent/fluent/issues/80 - it should have enough
 for our needs in terms of a spec.

 You need to look at:

  - http://l20n.org/
  - http://projectfluent.org/

 At the time of writing, it seems that Mozilla is using it a lot for
 internal projects and migrating there other systems to it, and have begun
 the process of making it more usable by others. It includes at least one
 HTML/DOM/JS based way of rendering different translations. To generate
 translations server side in Python, we would need something different, and
 the Python bindings are at an early stage of development it seems.
 Mozilla provide some tooling around it e.g. https://pontoon.mozilla.org/
 but I haven't been able to find any other service that shows a knowledge
 of the new file format (.ftl files).

 It is clearly not yet mature enough for our usage. Whether it will be
 suitable for us in the future is also a big question - it would mean
 moving away from GNU gettext entirely, which could be a huge effort.
 However, rewriting .po files into FTL should be entirely scriptable.

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