#29992: Error in admin checking list_display items
               Reporter:  gtoffoli         |          Owner:  nobody
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              Component:  contrib.admin    |        Version:  2.1
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 I'm porting my app from Django 1.8 and 2.0.6 to **Django 2.1.3**.
 In the last environment, ''runserver'' emits a lot of system check issues
 of type **admin.E108**
 They refer to fields from different modules and many different classes,
 but all of them are ''CharField'' or ''TextField''.

 I see that method **_check_list_display_item** of class
 ''ModelAdminChecks'' in module ''check'' of ''django.contrib.admin'' has
 changed significantly between releases 2.0.6 and 2.1.3; in the latter, has
 been removed the last branch (else) of the top-level if-elif-else
 structure, although it was explicitly stated, in a comment inside it, that
 the associated path was required.

 I'm not able to make a complete diagnosis, but it seems that testing

 hasattr(model, item)

 in general gives a different result than testing the existence of the same
 field with


 In fact, using the ''manage.py shell'' command, I experimentally verified
 such difference on a subset of the fields presenting the above mentioned
 problem: the ''hasattr'' test yields sometimes True and sometimes False
 (don't know why), while the other way of testing the existence of the
 field always yields a True result.

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