#30010: Add support for running the test suite through docker with 
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 /django-developers/_SRnleXuyzI/KYYQXiPHDQAJ per a discussion on the
 developers mailing list], I would like to propose adding docker-compose
 support to Django.

 Right now running the test suite across different databases is annoying at
 best, and is a pain point for new developers wishing to join the project.
 With a relatively small number of changes we can add a docker-compose
 definition to the Django project itself which will allow anyone to quickly
 run tests across any supported Python/database version.

 One option is to add this to runtests.py, i.e `runtests.py --docker`. I do
 not think this is a good approach as there are a large ecosystem of tools
 that already work with docker, including editors, CLI tools and shells,
 which will not work with runtests.py.

 I've already done most of the work for this in [https://github.com/orf
 /django-docker-box django-docker-box]. We would need to copy the
 docker-compose.yml] file as well [https://github.com/orf/django-docker-
 box/blob/master/Dockerfile as the Dockerfile], and add documentation.

 Getting this to work with Oracle would require more work and I believe it
 can be done as a future ticket.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/30010>
Django <https://code.djangoproject.com/>
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