#30014: Initialising disabled ModelChoiceField yields 'Select a valid 
despite initialised option being valid
     Reporter:  thoha                |                    Owner:  nobody
         Type:  Bug                  |                   Status:  new
    Component:  Forms                |                  Version:  1.11
     Severity:  Normal               |               Resolution:
     Keywords:  forms, disabled      |             Triage Stage:
  field, error, to_field_name        |  Unreviewed
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Comment (by thoha):

 Because this is for work on a commercial project, I can't give the exact
 code, but I'll try to provide generic examples.

 The form field get intialised in the FormView via:

     def get_initial(self):
         Returns the initial data to use for forms on this view.
         initial = super(FormView, self).get_initial()
         if self.formfield1 is not None:
             initial['formfield1'] = Model.objects.get(pk=self.formfield1)
         return initial

 In this case a primary key value is passed, but the problem also occurs
 when I pass a value for another field in the model.

 The working code in the form is:

 formfield1 = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=Model.objects.all(),
 to_field_name='corresponding field name in the model', label='item to
 use', disabled=True)

 If I leave out the disabled=True I can leave out to_field_name:

 formfield1 = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=Model.objects.all(),
 label='item to use')

 Then the field initialises properly, too.

 This however will fail:

 formfield1 = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=Model.objects.all(),
 label='item to use', disabled=True)

 The problem does not occur if I initialise the field via a custom __init__
 in the form itself. In that case I can leave out to_field_name:

 selected_record = Model.objects.filter(some_flag=True).first()
 selected_field_item = selected_record.field1
 self.fields['formfield1'] = forms.CharField(max_length=64,  label='Field
 1', initial=selected_field_item, disabled=True)

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