#30240: Add support for SHA database functions.
               Reporter:  Nick Pope  |          Owner:  Nick Pope
                   Type:  New        |         Status:  assigned
  feature                            |
              Component:  Database   |        Version:  master
  layer (models, ORM)                |       Keywords:  sha1, sha224,
               Severity:  Normal     |  sha256, sha384, sha512
           Triage Stage:             |      Has patch:  0
  Unreviewed                         |
    Needs documentation:  0          |    Needs tests:  0
Patch needs improvement:  0          |  Easy pickings:  0
                  UI/UX:  0          |
 Following on from `MD5()` defined in #28643, we can add support for
 `SHA1()`, `SHA224()`, `SHA256()`, `SHA384()` and `SHA512()`.

 There are two caveats:

 - `SHA224()` is not supported by `STANDARD_HASH` in Oracle.
 - PostgreSQL requires the use of the `pgcrypto` extension.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/30240>
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