#30242: Double spaces before limit/offset clause in as_sql() of SQLCompiler
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 `SQLCompiler` has `as_sql()` method to create the SQL for a given query.
 Specifically, end-users can get the SQL string of their `QuerySet` by this
 method like:


 where `User` is a basic user model.

 Absolutely, this returns a SQL string `SELECT "auth_user"."id" FROM
 "auth_user"`, and note that every separator between tokens is all single

 However, any query which has limit/offset clause produces double spaces
 before limit/offset clause. For example:


 SELECT "auth_user"."id" FROM "auth_user"  LIMIT 1 OFFSET 1
 SELECT "auth_user"."id" FROM "auth_user" LIMIT 1 OFFSET 1

 These queries are executed as well as expected but seem not a good
 practice for formatting SQL as a string.

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