#30249: Deprecate re-raising view exceptions from test client in tests
     Reporter:  Jon Dufresne         |                    Owner:  nobody
         Type:                       |                   Status:  new
  Cleanup/optimization               |
    Component:  Testing framework    |                  Version:  master
     Severity:  Normal               |               Resolution:
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                                     |  Unreviewed
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Comment (by Carlton Gibson):

 Ah, grrr. I'd rather not. (As much as I was and am +1 on #18707.)

 Adjust below with "For me" whenever appropriate.

 Taking an arbitrary change from the PR:

 From this:

         with self.assertRaisesMessage(ImproperlyConfigured, msg):

 To this:

         response = self.client.get('/detail/author/invalid/qs/')
         self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 500)
         _, exc_value, _ = response.exc_info
         self.assertIsInstance(exc_value, ImproperlyConfigured)
         self.assertEqual(str(exc_value), msg)

 It's both longer and less clear in intent.

 Raising the exception is a great behaviour in most cases. It's a great
 default behaviour.
 Yes, it's nice to have a switch (which we now do) for testing error views.
 But the overall change isn't a win.

 The `@override_settings(DEBUG_PROPAGATE_EXCEPTIONS=False)` is bad API.
 I'm adjusting a setting to alter test client behaviour.
 I **want** a kwarg for that.

 Beyond all that I don't think it's worth the churn.

 Again, all "For me" where needed.

 As I say, grrr. -1 I'm afraid.

 I'll leave this open for now to allow others to comment, before the
 inevitable trip to the mailing list, but say wontfix here.
 (Sorry to think that.)

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