#30529: SQLCompiler.as_sql should return parameters as a list (and not as a 
               Reporter:  Tobias     |          Owner:  nobody
  Krönke                             |
                   Type:  Bug        |         Status:  new
              Component:  Database   |        Version:  2.2
  layer (models, ORM)                |
               Severity:  Normal     |       Keywords:
           Triage Stage:             |      Has patch:  0
  Unreviewed                         |
    Needs documentation:  0          |    Needs tests:  0
Patch needs improvement:  0          |  Easy pickings:  0
                  UI/UX:  0          |
 As wished by Adam (https://github.com/adamchainz/django-
 mysql/issues/50#issuecomment-496665473) I will give it a try and do a PR
 to turn those tuples into lists. Even the method comments in
 all state:

 Return the SQL string and **list** of parameters.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/30529>
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