#30553: Misleading logging documentation about disable_existing_loggers default
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 In the documentation it's stated that:

  "If the disable_existing_loggers key in the LOGGING dictConfig is set to
 True (which is the default) ..."

 But we can see in
 (master branch commit 10b44e4 at the time of writting) that it is set to
 False instead:

     'version': 1,
     'disable_existing_loggers': False,
     'filters': {

 Moving "(which is the default)" in the paragraph should be enough:

  "If the disable_existing_loggers key in the LOGGING dictConfig is set to
 True then all loggers from the default configuration will be disabled.
 Disabled loggers are not the same as removed; the logger will still exist,
 but will silently discard anything logged to it, not even propagating
 entries to a parent logger. Thus you should be very careful using
 'disable_existing_loggers': True; it’s probably not what you want.
 Instead, you can set disable_existing_loggers to False (which is the
 default) and redefine some or all of the default loggers; or you can set
 LOGGING_CONFIG to None and handle logging config yourself."

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