#30680: Remove security.W007 check
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 As discused in #30426, it seems that the X-Xss-Protection security header
 is no longer industry best practice, as major browsers are removing their
 XSS auditors and security professionals no longer recommend it:

 * Scott Helme has stopped requiring it on SecurityHeaders.com -
 * Chrome has is removing their XSS Auditor -
 * Edge already removed their XSS auditor
 * This is all because the protection is minimal and the false positives
 tend to be damaging - https://frederik-braun.com/xssauditor-bad.html

 As suggested by Ran on #30426, rather than enforce the setting
 `SECURE_BROWSER_XSS_FILTER`, we should actually be looking at removing the
 check `security.W007` so users have one less thing to think about for a
 modern security posture.

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