#30682: Bug with Mysql connection
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 Hello! I’ve recently started one more project based on Django. The other
 day I decided to change the DB from mySQLlite to MySQL and, to my
 surprise, the configuration that I had used in my previous project (Django
 2.1.7) was not working. I’ve spent a lot of time on figuring out what was
 going wrong with it on my MacBook, and it turned out that it has not been
 possible to use MySQL connection since Django 2.2a1. In order to connect,
 I’ve always used PyMySQL, and it worked with:

 import pymysql

 Now, with versions starting from 2.2a1 to 2.2.4, it throws an error and
 says that I haven’t installed some packages whereas I have done it. Again,
 this bug can be easily noticed just by installing a fresh Django project +
 setting a Mysql DB connection on Mac + switching between versions.
 It has nothing to do with PyMySQL as its version hasn't changed.

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