#30685: Suboptimal QuerySet.distinct().count()
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 I have a PostgreSQL table with 100 000 records and 15 columns.

 A simple `.count()` query results in a fast SQL (execution time in seconds
 on the left):

 {{{(0.015) SELECT COUNT(*) AS "__count" FROM "table";}}}

 When we add `.distinct()`, a subquery is created with all columns

 {{{(0.178) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT DISTINCT "table"."id" AS Col1, ...
 (15 columns) FROM "table") subquery;}}}

 When instead of `.distinct()` we write `.distinct('id')` and add
 `.order_by('id', 'col1', 'col2')`, the subquery is additionally ORDERed:

 {{{(0.151) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT DISTINCT ON ("table"."id")
 "table"."id" AS Col1, ... (15 columns) FROM "table" ORDER BY "table"."id"
 ASC, "table"."col1" ASC, "table"."col2" ASC) subquery;}}}

 Funny thing is that without `.distinct('id')` we can write
 `.order_by('non_existing_column')` and it works without any exception.

 After adding `.values('id')` and an empty `.order_by()`, the query is as
 fast as it can be with DISTINCT:

 {{{(0.053) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT DISTINCT ON ("table"."id")
 "table"."id" AS Col1 FROM "table") subquery;}}}

 I think that the subquery for `count()` should never contain additional
 columns nor be ordered (and the same probably goes for other

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