#30692: Email sent by AdminEmailHandler is sent from <root@localhost>, not from
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 I'm using AdminEmailHandler in Speedy Net to send mail to the admins. My
 log file contains the following lines:

     'handlers': {
         'syslog': {
             'level': 'DEBUG',
             'class': 'logging.handlers.SysLogHandler',
             'facility': 'local7',
             'address': '/dev/log',
             'formatter': 'verbose'
         'mail_admins': {
             'level': 'WARNING',
             'class': 'django.utils.log.AdminEmailHandler',
             'formatter': 'verbose',


 But the email I receive (as an admin) from logging is sent to me from
 <root@localhost>, although I configured a from address
 (DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL) and other emails I receive from Django is from the
 from address (which is different for the staging server)


 How do I change the from address of email sent to admins from logging?

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