#30705: Django template permissions not working when used inside the template 
of an
inclusion tag
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 I have 2 apps in a Django Project i am using to learn django. In the app A
 I have an inclusion tag where I am using a template named
 `templateA.html`. This inclusion tag is being used in the app B, inside
 the template `templateB.html`. The content of `templateA.html` is shown
 properly inside `templateB.html`.

 I noticed though that when I am attempting to check permissions of the
 user using code similar to the following:
 {% if perms.appA.can_do_something %}
 show something here
 {% endif %}
 then, if I include that code in `templateA.html` it is not working, while
 if I use it in `templateB.html` it is working properly.  I am mentioning
 again that the `templateA.html` is the one used in the inclusion tag I am
 using in the `templateB.html`.

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