#30711: Add HStoreF for F object like querying on HStoreField.
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 When using F objects for key lookups on HStoreFields it never digs down to
 get the keys but unexpectedly returns the entire object.

 Lets say we have this model:
 from django.contrib.postgres.fields import HStoreField
 from django.db import models

 class Person(models.Model):
     name = models.CharField(max_length=256)
     attributes = HStoreField()

 We then populate it.
 Person.objects.create(name="James", attributes={"age": "30", "height":

 Here comes the thing that bothers me. If we try to access either of these
 keys the entire attributes cell will be returned.
 p = Person.objects.annotate(length=F("attributes__height"))
 >>> {"age": "30", "height": "190"}

 While the expected result would be an error or the value of the height
 field, it's not.

 I propose either making F objects support these fields or creating a new
 type to handle this, a workaround that I'm playing around with myself.

 from django.contrib.postgres.fields.jsonb import KeyTransformFactory

 class HStoreF(F):
     def resolve_expression(self, query=None, allow_joins=True, reuse=None,
 summarize=False, for_save=False):
         rhs = super().resolve_expression(query, allow_joins, reuse,
 summarize, for_save)
         field_list = self.name.split("__")
         if field_list[-1] == rhs.target.name:
             raise LookupError(
             "HStoreF requires a key lookup in order to avoid unexpected
 behavior. "
             "Please append '__somekey' to '{}'."
         return KeyTransformFactory(field_list[-1])(rhs)


 An issue with this is that updating models with it still wont work. As an
 error is raised in {{{Query.resolve_ref()}}} due to the fact that it
 interprets the {{{"__"}}} as an attempted join. This could be solved by
 using a different lookup separator for keys (maybe relevant for JSONField
 to?), but I was unable to successfully implement this.

 Similar issue with JSONField: https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/29769

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/30711>
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