#31582: Django template backend allocates model cache even iterator() is used
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              Component:  Template system  |        Version:  3.0
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 I was testing template engines with a memory profiler we have written and
 I have seen an interesting issue with Django template engine. Still not
 sure if this is an issue or intended.

 The database backend I use is django.db.backends.sqlite3. I am using
 following code to retrieve a huge list of objects:

 comments = Comment.objects.all().iterator()
 template = loader.get_template('polls/comments.html')
 context = {
         'comments': comments,
 return HttpResponse(template.render(context, request))

 And the template code:

 {% for comment in comments %}
 {% endfor %}

 When I ran the view, I see the
 {{{django.db.models.base.Comment.__init__}}} caches the results. If I
 change the TEMPLATE backend to {{{Jinja2}}} I verified it is not being

 Is this somewhat intended behaviour? If so, how can we disable Model
 caching for Django templates?

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