#31582: Django template engine render pre-fetches data even when iterator() is 
     Reporter:  Sümer Cip        |                    Owner:  nobody
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    Component:  Template system  |                  Version:  3.0
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Changes (by Carlton Gibson):

 * type:  Bug => New feature
 * stage:  Unreviewed => Accepted


 Good follow up both, that's super!

 At first glance, certainly :),  consuming the iterator into a list isn't

 Question is, what can we do about it?

 The next line is:

 len_values = len(values)

 Then `len_values` is used to populate the various loop counter variables.
 `revcounter`, `last` and so on.

 I haven't thought it through but, I could see these possibly being made
 optional, maybe along the lines of adding an extra option like `reversed`?
 (It would require editing the `do_for()` function to parse another option.
 Not sure what it should be: ...`iterator`? 😬)

 I think we'd have to call that a new feature. The behaviour isn't
 **incorrect**, it just uses more memory than we'd like in this case.

 Let's provisionally accept on that basis. It might be worth pinging the
 DevelopersMailingList to seek advice on how to proceed, particularly with
 regard to the possible API for such a change.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/31582#comment:8>
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