#31609: Add support for Table Function Model
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 Opening based on discussion here

 == Motivation
 I have some complex database View with CTEs. The problem here is that I
 need only few records from that View. But the View is always evaluated
 completely and limited after that. The solution here is re-writing View as
 Table Function https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11401749/pass-in-where-

 == Proposed usage
 class MyTableFunctionModel(Model)
     parent = models.ForeignKey('self', on_delete=models.DO_NOTHING)

     class Meta:
         db_table = 'my_function'
         table_function_args = [
             TableFunctionArg(name='foo', required=False),
             TableFunctionArg(name='bar', required=False),

 MyTableFunctionModel.objects.table_function(foo=1, bar='value',
 parent__foo=2, parent__bar='cha')

 # SELECT ... FROM my_function(1, 'value') T1 JOIN my_function(2, 'cha') T2
 ON T1.id = T2.parent_id

 Here are some my working experiments

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/31609>
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