#31613: GeoModelAdmin's openlayers widget stroke width too thin for some
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              Component:  GIS         |        Version:  3.0
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 The openlayers widget, which is used by GeoModelAdmin to display
 geometries of model fields, is configured to display geometries of the
 `linestring` type with a thicker stroke width than other geometries.
 However, this only work if the geometry is not stored as a generic
 geometry, but specifically as a linestring.

 As the editor becomes unusable in this case - when linestring geometries
 are stored as generic geometries - and other geometries are still
 displayed in a usable manner, I propose applying the thicker stroke width
 to all generic geometries as well.

 I would like to attach screenshots to illustrate the problem but I can't
 find documentation on how to do so.

 I am a first-time contributor and would love to submit a pull request for
 this but I am not sure of the correct procedure. If I open a pull request
 how do I properly connect it to this ticket?

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/31613>
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