#26001: Make ModelAdmin.search_fields do an integer lookup for IntegerFields
     Reporter:  Tim Graham           |                    Owner:  Nick
         Type:                       |  Sandford
  Cleanup/optimization               |                   Status:  assigned
    Component:  contrib.admin        |                  Version:  master
     Severity:  Normal               |               Resolution:
     Keywords:                       |             Triage Stage:  Accepted
    Has patch:  1                    |      Needs documentation:  0
  Needs tests:  0                    |  Patch needs improvement:  1
Easy pickings:  0                    |                    UI/UX:  0

Comment (by Niclas Olofsson):

 Replying to [comment:5 Tim Graham]:
 > As far as I tested, you can now use something like  `search_fields =
 ['votes__exact']` to do the appropriate query, however, if a non-integer
 search term is entered, the page crashes with `ValueError invalid literal
 for int() with base 10: 'abc'` from `IntegerField.get_prep_value()`.
 Probably that exception should be caught in
 `ModelAdmin.get_search_results()` and no results returned.

 We have to consider that there might be multiple search fields of mixed
 types though, i.e. `search_fields = ['votes__exact', 'title',
 'text__contains']`, just so the matches for other fields does not get
 discarded just because one of the fields threw an error.

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