#30415: Refactor runtests.py to allow using other test runners.
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Comment (by David Smith):


 It will need someone much more experienced than myself to properly
 articulate this, and to be credible on the topic. Carlton - I may be
 reading too much into this but your comments sounded interested / positive
 on this?

 I think the benefits are subjective given current test runner works so any
 benefits above that are about user experience. So may be hard to make a
 good technical reason for the change. A few of my thoughts are:

 #22449 - Pytest outputs have colour so would not need to fix this ticket
 - Better output - get % progress, more information on failed tests.
 - Integration with IDEs (e.g. can use pytest add-in for VSCode?)
 - ability to use other pytest and pytest-addins functionality. e.g.
 `pytest --durations=50` outputs the 50 slowest tests.
 - Would pytest-xdist help speed up the tests?. (currently GSOC project on
 this topic)
 - ''IF'' project went full pytest then could use plain asserts.

 - Some complications with implementation  (e.g. subtests and some tests
 may need to be re-written)
 - If we went full pytest then it would be a dependency (Django tends to
 avoid doing this)
 - Current test runner may be better understood than getting pytest to work
 (not sure how much expertise we have on the current test runner?)

 Ideally I'd see this as a two step changes. 1) get it working with pytest
 and the current test runner, 2) consider moving to pytest fully, this may
 be after 1 has been working for a period of time.

 Appreciate thoughts on next steps (is this a topic for the mailing list?)

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