#34856: Running tests with historical migrations that contain index together 
with TypeError.
               Reporter:  Sage Abdullah  |          Owner:  nobody
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 When running tests against Django's `main` branch on a project that has a
 historical migration that contains `index_together` (either via the
 `AlterIndexTogether` operation or as part of a `CreateModel` operation),
 running that migration fails with `TypeError: 'class Meta' got invalid
 attribute(s): index_together`. This is the case even if the model has
 already been updated to use `indexes` instead of `index_together` and new
 migrations have been created to update it.

 To reproduce:
 - Install Django < 5.1
 - Start a new project and a new app
 - Create a model with `index_together` and run `makemigrations`
   - or run `makemigrations` before adding `index_together` and run it
 again so `AlterIndexTogether` operation is created, same result
 - Write a test that uses the database (a simple test with `TestCase` and
 not `SimpleTestCase` should suffice)
 - Optional: Update the model to use `indexes` instead of `index_together`
 and run `makemigrations`
 - Install latest Django `main`
 - Run `python manage.py test -v3` and it fails when applying the migration
 that contains `index_together`

 Reproducible example: https://github.com/laymonage/django-test-repro

 This is likely because `"index_together"` has been removed from
 `django.db.models.options.DEFAULT_NAMES` in
 2abf417c815c20f41c0868d6f66520b32347106e. Meanwhile, the historical model
 constructed by the migrations framework will try to build the model with
 the `Meta.index_together` option.

 I'm not sure if this is expected. If it is, then that means developers
 have to update their old migrations to not use `index_together` at all,
 which doesn't seem to be ideal.

 If it is not, the solution might be to reintroduce `"index_together"` in
 `DEFAULT_NAMES` even though it will be no-op. Not sure if that's all there
 is to it, but I'm happy to make a PR for a start.

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