#34863: sqlite math functions don't accept character fields as input
               Reporter:  zacroker   |          Owner:  nobody
                   Type:  Bug        |         Status:  new
              Component:  Database   |        Version:  4.2
  layer (models, ORM)                |
               Severity:  Normal     |       Keywords:  sqlite, math
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  Unreviewed                         |
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 We have a view that performs some trig calculations. It works when testing
 in MySQL, but fails when using sqlite.

 I have overridden the "RADIANS" function implementation from django in our
 conftest.py file. Details not that important, but essentially is this:

 connection.create_function("RADIANS", 1, lambda x: math.radians(float(x))
 if x is not None else None)

 The issue is, there is a lat/lon field in our database, which is stored as
 a CharField (we can debate that decision later...), so when it gets passed
 into the `_sqlite_radians` function the test fails as it is invalid input.
 I think that these functions should be able to take in string values.

 I have started a PR but thought before I submit it I should see if it is a
 'genuine' bug or a decision not to support this field.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/34863>
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