#35044: Accessing a deferred field clears reverse relations
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 `DeferredAttribute.__get__` calls `Model.refresh_from_db()` to load the
 deferred field. Whilst `refresh_from_db()` does load the intended field,
 it also clears a lot of cached data, including reverse relations. This can
 causes extra queries when those relations are accessed before and after a
 deferred field.

 For example, take these models:

 class Book(models.Model):
     title = models.TextField()

 class BookText(models.Model):
     book = models.OneToOneField(Book, on_delete=models.CASCADE)
     text = models.TextField()

 With query debug logging on, we can see that a second access to `booktext`
 after accessing the deferred `title` causes an unnecessary extra query:

 In [1]: from example.models import *

 In [2]: b=Book.objects.defer('title').earliest('id')
 (0.000) SELECT "example_book"."id", "example_book"."author_id" FROM
 "example_book" ORDER BY "example_book"."id" ASC LIMIT 1; args=();

 In [3]: b.booktext
 (0.000) SELECT "example_booktext"."id", "example_booktext"."book_id",
 "example_booktext"."text" FROM "example_booktext" WHERE
 "example_booktext"."book_id" = 1 LIMIT 21; args=(1,); alias=default
 Out[3]: <BookText: BookText object (1)>

 In [4]: b.title
 (0.000) SELECT "example_book"."id", "example_book"."title" FROM
 "example_book" WHERE "example_book"."id" = 1 LIMIT 21; args=(1,);
 Out[4]: 'A 1'

 In [5]: b.booktext
 (0.000) SELECT "example_booktext"."id", "example_booktext"."book_id",
 "example_booktext"."text" FROM "example_booktext" WHERE
 "example_booktext"."book_id" = 1 LIMIT 21; args=(1,); alias=default
 Out[5]: <BookText: BookText object (1)>

 This is due to `refresh_from_db()` clearing the reverse-related object

 Spotted whilst working on #28586. My implementation for that will probably
 fix this issue, but I thought it best to report this separately.

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