#35153: FORMAT_MODULE_PATH not acting as I expected.
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 I am not certain this is a bug, but may be more of a confusion of a new
 user (me). Here is what I found:

 In my **settings**:

 TIME_ZONE = 'America/New_York'
 USE_I18N = True
 USE_TZ = True

 then in my student_track app:
 I had this file:
 but this failed to load (no error message). Eventually I figured out to
 change the file path to this (Note the Upper Case for the country):

 In my **formats.py** i still have:
 DATE_FORMAT = "M. d, Y"
 TIME_FORMAT = "h:i a"

 DATETIME_FORMAT = "M. d Y h:i a"

     '%m/%d/%Y', '%m/%d/%y', '%Y-%m-%d',  # '2006-10-25', '10/25/2006',
     '%b %d %Y', '%b %d, %Y',  # 'Oct 25 2006', 'Oct 25, 2006'
     '%d %b %Y', '%d %b, %Y',  # '25 Oct 2006', '25 Oct, 2006'
     '%B %d %Y', '%B %d, %Y',  # 'October 25 2006', 'October 25, 2006'
     '%d %B %Y', '%d %B, %Y',  # '25 October 2006', '25 October, 2006'

 **Template** I now have:
 <td class="text-start" >{{ record.actual_date }} </td>
 and all is working well.

 Where I think the issue is that the folder name did not match the language
 I specified in the settings file and I didn't understand that from the
 When I stepped through the code, it seems that this change occurs in the
 **django.utils.formats.py** file when iter_format_modules() is called:

 def iter_format_modules(lang, format_module_path=None):
     """Find format modules."""
     if not check_for_language(lang):

     if format_module_path is None:
         format_module_path = settings.FORMAT_MODULE_PATH

     format_locations = []
     if format_module_path:
         if isinstance(format_module_path, str):
             format_module_path = [format_module_path]
         for path in format_module_path:
             format_locations.append(path + ".%s")
     locale = to_locale(lang)
     locales = [locale]
     if "_" in locale:
     for location in format_locations:
         for loc in locales:
                 yield import_module("%s.formats" % (location % loc))
             except ImportError:

 In my case, this failed with an ImportError, and when I looked into its
 details, it seems that this line:
     locale = to_locale(lang)

 converted had my language specified in settings (en-us) to "en_US".

 I don't exactly know why, but it seems intentional. Assuming this is
 behaving as expected, then it seems that the documentation should be
 updated to indicate how this works.

 I am so new to Django that I am hesitant to propose the actual text that
 should change, but would be happy to try/help if this seems like the
 reasonable solution.
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