#35276: Push cache backend checks down to backend classes
               Reporter:  Adam Johnson          |          Owner:  nobody
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              Component:  Core (System checks)  |        Version:  dev
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 Currently, the three system checks for caches are individual functions
 in ​django.core.checks.caches]. But two of them relate only to
 `FileBasedCache`, yet still run regardless of which backends are used.
 This structure causes some issues:

 1. `FileBasedCache` and its dependencies are imported even when not used.
 2. Some waste in `check_cache_location_not_exposed()` when no
 `FileBasedCache` is configured, which resolves some paths before checking
 against caches.
 3. The code structure is a bit messy with repeated loops and
 `isinstance(cache, FileBasedCache)` conditions.

 I propose restructuring these checks to live within the cache backend
 classes in `django.core.cache.backends.*`, adopting the same pattern used
 for model and field checks, admin checks, and staticfiles finders. (And
 template backend checks, as I proposed in #35233.)

 This would mean:

 1. Adding `BaseCache.check()` which just does `return []` for now.
 2. Pushing the existing two checks down to a new `FileBasedCache.check()`
 3. Dropping the existing code.
 4. Checking tests cover the checks sufficiently and they pass with the new
 5. Potentially adding a test to cover a custom cache backend with its own
Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/35276>
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