#35304: IntegerField trailing decimal and zeros
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 I have a little concern in regard of stripping trailing decimal and zeros.

 IntegerField Uses NumberInput as widget, which allows to pass Numbers with
 trailing zeros.
 For example, below numbers are valid:

 Shouldn't IntegerField accept only Integers?

 Below method uses _lazy_re_compile to get rid of them.

     def to_python(self, value):
         Validate that int() can be called on the input. Return the result
         of int() or None for empty values.
         value = super().to_python(value)
         if value in self.empty_values:
             return None
         if self.localize:
             value = formats.sanitize_separators(value)
         # Strip trailing decimal and zeros.
             value = int(self.re_decimal.sub('', str(value)))
         except (ValueError, TypeError):
             raise ValidationError(self.error_messages['invalid'],
         return value

 I have found related issue:

 The reason of this functionality as I understand was:
 "Django forms are useful for validating user input beyond just HTML
 "One issue, MS Excel represents all numbers in cells as floats, even
 integers. So for this to work, a float with value 1.0 should be cleaned by
 forms.IntegerField as 1. "

 I am sceptic to this solution, and as Django main purpose is to be used on
 HTML, it shouldn't have such functionality in its core.
 Also I think that this issue was created when there was no inputs, and
 HTML looked different as well. Lots have changed since then.

 What do you think?
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