#35309: Remove Order by on models when prefetching by id
     Reporter:  Laurent Lyaudet      |                    Owner:  nobody
         Type:                       |                   Status:  new
  Cleanup/optimization               |
    Component:  Database layer       |                  Version:  5.0
  (models, ORM)                      |
     Severity:  Normal               |               Resolution:
     Keywords:  prefetch order_by    |             Triage Stage:
                                     |  Unreviewed
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Comment (by Laurent Lyaudet):

 I spent my night on it but I was able to make a patch, and I don't think
 there will be any regression.
 Consider the following models in some project
 TestNoOrderByForForeignKeyPrefetches and some app test_no_order_by
 models.py file:

 from django.core.management.base import BaseCommand
 from django.db import connection
 from django.db.models import Prefetch, QuerySet, RawQuerySet
 from django.db.models.fields.related_descriptors import (

 from TestNoOrderByForForeignKeyPrefetches.test_no_order_by.models import
 A, B

 old_prefetch_init = Prefetch.__init__

 def new_prefetch_init(self, *args, **kwargs):
     result = old_prefetch_init(self, *args, **kwargs)
     if self.queryset is not None:
         self.queryset._do_not_modify_order_by = True
     return result

 Prefetch.__init__ = new_prefetch_init

 old_get_prefetch_querysets_forward_many_to_one =
 old_get_prefetch_querysets_reverse_one_to_one =

 def get_prefetch_querysets_forward_many_to_one(self, *args, **kwargs):
     result = old_get_prefetch_querysets_forward_many_to_one(self, *args,
     if not hasattr(result[0], '_do_not_modify_order_by'):
         result = (result[0].order_by(), *result[1:])
     return result

 def get_prefetch_querysets_reverse_one_to_one(self, *args, **kwargs):
     result = old_get_prefetch_querysets_reverse_one_to_one(self, *args,
     if not hasattr(result[0], '_do_not_modify_order_by'):
         result = (result[0].order_by(), *result[1:])
     return result

 ForwardManyToOneDescriptor.get_prefetch_querysets =
 ReverseOneToOneDescriptor.get_prefetch_querysets =

 old_clone_queryset = QuerySet._clone

 def new_clone_queryset(self):
     result = old_clone_queryset(self)
     if hasattr(self, '_do_not_modify_order_by'):
         result._do_not_modify_order_by = True
     return result

 QuerySet._clone = new_clone_queryset

 old_clone_raw_queryset = RawQuerySet._clone

 def new_clone_raw_queryset(self):
     result = old_clone_raw_queryset(self)
     if hasattr(self, '_do_not_modify_order_by'):
         result._do_not_modify_order_by = True
     return result

 RawQuerySet._clone = new_clone_raw_queryset

 class Command(BaseCommand):
     help = "Test"

     def handle(self, *args, **options):

         a1 = A.objects.create(name="a1")
         a2 = A.objects.create(name="a2")
         a3 = A.objects.create(name="a3")
         a4 = A.objects.create(name="a4")
         a5 = A.objects.create(name="a5")
         a6 = A.objects.create(name="a6")
         a7 = A.objects.create(name="a7")

         b1 = B.objects.create(a=a1, name="b1")
         b2 = B.objects.create(a=a2, name="b2")
         b3 = B.objects.create(a=a3, name="b3")
         b4 = B.objects.create(a=a4, name="b4")
         b5 = B.objects.create(a=a5, name="b5")
         b6 = B.objects.create(a=a6, name="b6")
         b7 = B.objects.create(a=a7, name="b7")

         bs = list(B.objects.all().prefetch_related("a"))
         a_s = list(A.objects.all().prefetch_related("bs"))
         bs = list(B.objects.all().prefetch_related(
         a_s = list(A.objects.all().prefetch_related(

 If you launch the command with python3 manage.py test_no_order_by_command,
 you will see that there are 8 SELECT after the 14 INSERT and that there is
 only 7 ORDER BY on them as requested.

 I will prepare a PR.
Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/35309#comment:5>
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