What I'd like to do is log the request body whenever the django.request 
logger logs something. I had assumed that the extra context referred to as 
in https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.10/topics/logging/#django-request 
was something like an HTTPRequest object. It is, however, an instance 
of socket._socketobject.

Is it possible to get data for logging using the socket? For example the 
get parameters, the post data, any information associated to a file that 
was sent like what every has been read out of the socket? What about the 
request headers?

Why is a socket passed to the logger? I must admit that I assume this to be 
a bug. The user has a very limited way of interacting with the socket via 
the string formatting syntax and the methods of the socket (as introspected 
via dir) don't lend them selves to this form of access.

I'm currently using django 1.10 if that helps.

Thanks for any help.

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