You have to use a form of keyword arguments to provide parameters in {% url 
%} tag.

For example,

{% url post_view post_id=post_id %}

the former post_id is the argument name in your view function, the latter 
post_id is the variable name in your template context.

If you have more than one parameters, just append them to the list, 
separated by a space:

{% url post_view post_id=post_id tag='post tag' %}

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 3:51:56 AM UTC-7, Za Ars wrote:
> Hou to send parameters in url as string?
> {%url url_name url_params%}
> where url_params as 'pk=object.id' or 'page=page.number'
> Please, help me, if you can

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