Do we have any standard/recommended way to distribute the python virtualenv 
used in a django application across multiple servers?

I'm able to write a provisioning script to do the following on a server,

(for brevity, this is just a high-overview)
* Clone the master branch of my django project
* Download, compile and alt-install python 3.5 from sources
* Create a virtualenv folder and configure my environment according to the 
requirements.txt of my django project
* setup httpd conf files, restart server .. etc

The OS I'm primarily targeting is centos7. For that matter, I'm doing my 
compiling on a centos7 box as well. 

My concern is that it feels wasteful to repeat the above steps on every 
system if I'm trying to scale across multiple machines. Is it possible to 
just provision the virtualenv on a single system, zip the folder and 
copy-paste to whichever systems I want to deploy to? Are there any concerns 
I need to be aware of, if I'm going by this approach?

Confused about django provisioning options,
Abraham V.

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