Hello everyone, I would like to test my code that call the xero api server
and to do that I want create mocked response to test different scenarios.

At the moment I want test just few endpoints, my Idea is to create a class
as a container of the items needed to render.

The items are generated by a class that use a "stamp" of the returned json
and add or modify the stamp using the given kwargs.

What you think about the example above? Maybe you have better idea?


    response = MockedXeroResponse()

    invoice = fakeInvoice(**kwargs)  # kwargs add fields
    another_invoice = fakeInvoice(**{'Amount':1000})

    response.add(invoice, another_invoice)  #
    response.json  # return the json response as the XERO api with the two

​Thank you​

Karim N. Gorjux

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