I'm porting a legacy Django+mod_python application to Django+WSGI on Apache 
httpd 2.4 (Linux) and cannot get user authentication to work. It's not that 
authentication is running and failing or that it's reporting errors, it's 
simply not running at all. When my WSGI-authenticated URL is accessed, I do 
trace into Django code so it's not like I'm completely misconfigured but 
the *check_password* function (and the *login* and *authenticate* functions 
too) are never invoked. Similarly, my configured backend database class 
initializes but its *load* method is never called. I'm using out-of-the-box 
Django authentication classes, have followed Django's (excellent) mod_wsgi 
integration instructions 
and still don't see any attempt at authentication. I'm at a loss how to 
debug this further; thoughts or suggestions, please?

Thanks, Garry

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