Hello Guys,


Why the template tag call {% get_percentage question.pk choice.pk %} works 
inside the span tag, but doesn't work in style (width) attribute?

What is wrong?

 {% for choice in question.choice_set.all %}
        <strong>{{ choice.choice_text }}</strong>
        <span class="pull-right">{% get_percentage question.pk choice.pk 
        <div class="progress progress-danger active">
            <div class="bar" style="width:{% get_percentage question.pk 
choice.pk %}%"></div>
 {% endfor %}

I am using Python 3.5.2 and Django 1.10.2

PS: I did the same question on StackOverflow: 
http://stackoverflow.com/q/40065604/5498125, but I have no answers yet.

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