A curious question I've had trouble finding an answer for alas. I have a 
model that I'd like to backup in the database in a backup model. This being 
the pro-forma so to speqk:

from django.db import models

class MyModel(models.Model):
 # Declare fields ....

class MyModel_backup(MyModel):
 def create(self): 
  self.objects = MyModel.objects.all()
But there are two immediate problems.

   1. Deriving from MyModel reveals itself in the migration to be 
   generating a model which has a single OneToOne reference to MyModel. That 
   is ti does not appear to create a duplicate model at all. Which leaves me 
   wondering how to create a duplicate model without repeating the code. 
   2. I have no really idea how to copy all the objects of MyModel to a new 

I may be approaching it poorly and am open to better ideas. I'm used to 
doing it in SQL, essentially having an identically defined backup table, 
just copying data to that table before doing a (risky) table wide operation 
on the first. 

I could of course export a serialized backup to a disk file, but am 
exploring options for keeping one backup in the database itself. 

I'd rather, I admit hear options for doing that than philosophic appraisals 
of the benefits of an in-database copy vs, database exports. 



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