On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Paul Handley <apaul.hand...@gmail.com>

> I figured it out. For some reason the presenter did not add the name of
> the app at the end of the makemigrations command. I did exactly like he did
> and got the wrong result. When I added the name of the app at the end
> everything functioned normally. With Jayne.com you are flying blind. There
> is no one to help you understand if the presenter makes a mistake. I'm
> looking around fr another site that is more user-friendly. Thanks a lot for
> your help!
I can certainly tell you that adding the app name should not be necessary
in most cases, especially on a starter project.

I looked briefly at lynda.com. There are two different Django tutorials.
I'm assuming you viewed the more basic of the two (Up and Running with
Python and Django, Smith). I watched the sections on creating models and
migrations, and the only piece that I saw was confusing was changing the
app name part way through the tutorial, which requires changes in a couple
of other places. I didn't go through the tutorial entirely, though.

I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I can assure you that the app name
should not be necessary assuming that everything else is correct. I've
never had to enter the app name. Doing so will limit your migration
creation to the specific app, which will likely lead to issues down the
road if you have multiple apps.


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