Hi. This is my first question in this group.

My problem is that I have to program a survey application and I would like 
to have a hint about forms.

The survey is +200 questions long and is divided in multiple subjects 
(every subject is independent from the others) and mainly consists of 
numeric (implemented as combo boxes) and text fields..

The main problem is how to do for showing the relevant fields and not the 

Let me explan this: suppose that when the answer to question 1 is 1, the 
survey continues with question 2, but if the answer is 2, then the survey 
continues with question 16 and all the in between questions are skipped.

This is a very simple scenario, but almost all the flow of the survey goes 
like this, making it complex to follow the order. Sometimes one must skip a 
few questions but some others, one must skip only one, or a full section of 
the questions, depending on the answer.

Is there a recommended way to do so? Thanks in advance and sorry for my 
English, I'm not a native English speaker (I hope all this mess can be 

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