On Aug 4, 2017 12:36 AM, "Mike Dewhirst" <mi...@dewhirst.com.au> wrote:

I have read  widely (including the docs) and been daunted by the notion of
coverting auth.user  into a custom user. I have data and wonder if there
have been any recent recipes for doing this?

On a related note, I'd recommend implementing a custom user model
immediately on every new project, even if you don't intend to change
anything on the built-in user immediately. It is as simple as inheriting
from django.contrib.auth.models.AbstractUser like this:

class MyUser(AbstractUser):

And then setting AUTH_USER_MODEL to MyUser. At that point, changes to the
user model are handled via standard migrations.

Obviously this doesn't help existing projects. You'll still be stuck with
the foreign key shell game that is implementing a custom user after the


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