Well since your answer is no, you should take you time and learn 
Python/Dajngo before asking anyone in here to basically write that invoice 
app for you. :)

Basically Django can do what you are asking for, but i'd recommend you to 
use it only as a backend for this highly UI focused problem. Then think 
about what the frontend will be (web, app, mobile) and choose something 
that has the needed frontend components that you would like to use. 

But let me tell you this: a totally customizable invoice with that shall 
still look pretty and can be printed out in any combination of item rows 
and extra details is probably one of the hardest tasks you can think of not 
having any programming background!
Having kinda done the above i can definitely recommend the 
awesome https://github.com/Kozea/WeasyPrint library for generating PDF 

But it sounds to me that you should do yourself a favour and read this 
before actually starting your 
project: https://www.twoscoopspress.com/products/two-scoops-of-django-1-11

Have fun!


Am Freitag, 2. Februar 2018 10:24:31 UTC+1 schrieb Rakhee Menon:
> No...I wanted to know if i could do it using django and if yes...how to do 
> it??

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